Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Joys of Missions...

Yeah...that's complete sarcasm...this post is about fundraising and how much I dislike HATE it. 

I'm not good at asking for things from people. Especially something like money, I know you worked hard for that paycheck of yours, no matter how wimpy it may be..

Unfortunately, a trip to Haiti is in no way free. Bummer. 

Last time I went, I typed up a little fundraiser letter and sent it to as many people as I could think of...no fun at all. And so this time I decided I'd try something new. 
A blog! And I'd raffle off my handi work. 

So...this is it!

These are homemade coasters, they're quite easy, rather cheap, and SUPER cute. Also easily personalized.

So what I have decided to do is open this up and offer you some coasters made by me. In return, I ask for any size donation you would like to make. 

I haven't worked through all of the logistics yet, but that's the basic idea I have. 

The design on each tile is simply a piece of paper I have cut and glued to the tile so you can totally ask for specific colors and I would be more than happy to "make to order" your coasters for you.

So chew on that for a bit while I work on a plan for all of this. Think about what color you might want...it's a big decision! So I might give you some extra time (or I might be really busy with work right now and unable to get back to this for the next couple days.)

Thanks for reading my blog!

All my love, 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mission To Haiti...

That's right! Here I go again!

After my first trip to Haiti, many people asked me if I'd be willing to go again. "If the opportunity came up, of course!"

My first mission trip to Haiti forever changed me. It changed how I view the world, my life, and my Lord. I feel so blessed to be able to go there for a second time!

I love him. And I miss him so much. You are in my prayers daily,  Kervens.

It will be with a (nearly) completely different group, and we are going through a completely different organization. 

The organization is called Mission Lazarus; they have a mission team in Honduras as well as Haiti that has been set up for a little longer than their Haiti team. We will be building homes for Haitian families. So exciting!

We head out March 30th and will be there through April 8th. Not all of the specifics are nailed down or details decided but there is much excitement for those of us that have committed to this trip. 

I pray daily that the Lord prepares each of our hearts for what we will see and take in. I pray for the Haitians that we will come in contact with, that the Lord will open their hearts to us and see that what we are doing is for Him. I pray that they see our love for them and know that it is all from Him. 

Please pray for us as well!

~kate bug